Lisa Barkin (Yoga Teacher Training, TorontoLisa experienced her first yoga class in her 20's and loved how it drew on an alchemy of strength, flexibility and balance. In 2008 Lisa took her 200 Yoga Teacher Training at Spynga. She continued her studies with Janice Clarfield, taking her Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Certification for conscious birthing as well her Yin Yoga Certification with Tracey Belanger Soghrati. 

Lisa brings to her students not only sound technique on which to base their practice, but also provides a safe and nurturing environment in which they can challenge themselves. Her classes are not just about stretching the body but also about expanding horizons. She is a committed instructor who presents music-based asana classes. She creates a feeling of well-being and empowerment in sincere, natural and authentic yoga classes. It's not only about the physical practice but lifting the spirit as well. Lisa feels privileged to learn from the community of teachers including Sari Nisker, Tracey Belanger Soghrati, Sadie Nardini and Michael Siddall as well as her students and everybody she connects with on a daily basis. Her belief in maximizing potential by integrating mind, body and soul truly motivates others to achieve their goals.

Carina Adams, (Program director and owner of spyngaFlows Ohio) Carina is a mother a three amazing children and is inspired by them everyday. Previous to her training with spynga she was a cycling enthusiast both indoors and outdoors. She taught road cycling training, indoor cycling and personal training. Owner of the Right Side of the Road Bike Tour which is an annual event that raises money and awareness for several charities. Carina Is registered with yoga alliance holding her 200 RYTT from spynga . Carina has completed Toronto’s first 40 hour Yin Yoga teacher training from Tracey Belanger-Soghrati.  Carina is currently finishing her 500 hour teacher training from Yoga on High in Columbus, Ohio. She has been trained and inspired by Tim Miller, Mati Ezrati, Lorin Rouche, Doug Keller and Richard Freeman. Yoga has changed her life and she is ecstatic that she can share this experience with everyone she meets. During her free time, Carina rides her bike, rolls out her mat and spends every possible moment with her children and is so thankful to God for all her blessings.

Casey Soer (Director of the Cycle Revolution Teacher Training program, Toronto) A mom of 2 boys, a co-creator and co-founder of Spynga The Yoga + Cycling Studio.  Casey is very thankful that Spynga, her second home , is that of openness, community + accessibility to all. Casey discovered and began her cycling  journey in 1998, in Los Angeles to balance the pursuit of her passion, the struggle to stardom as an actor.  In LA in 2001 she became certified in indoor cycling and began to teach. In 2002 she move to New York City where an untapped skill revealed itself to her, teaching to children with special needs.  At the same time Casey found her second passion of practice, vinyasa yoga, attending Sonic Yoga regularily and began to realize the perfect healthy balance of cycling + yoga together. An artist's intuition, an eclectic style, and a deep appreciation for music are what shapes Casey's unique form of teaching.  Casey received her 200 RYTT with Sari Nisker-Fox + Tracey Soghrati; Yin Yoga certification with Tracey Soghrati; and her Yoga 4 Kids certification with Sherry LeBlanc.  4 years ago Casey created the cycle revolution indoor training program and since it's inception has graduated over 100 teachers who teach all over the world.  Casey is continually humbled, grateful, and truly inspired by her children, husband, students, colleagues, and teachers.

Paul Hammond (Yoga Teacher Training, Cleveland OH) I first started my educational path at Tri-C where I first found my interest in philosophy. Often, some questions asked of me are, “Why philosophy?”... or “What made you get into philosophy? ” Well the honest answer is… it’s the only thing that I was interested in. To look at the world in a ‘not-so-normal’ perspective. Throughout my high school experience, I noticed that I was taking a deeper look at myself, at the world, and my surroundings in general; and it was this interest in philosophy that helped 'push’ that questioning along.  After receiving my Associates Degree, I was off to CSU. At CSU I received my Bachelor’s Degree in philosophy in 2000, and finally in 2002 received my Master’s Degree. Since then I have become certified in Bioethics in 2003 & in 2007 became a certified Philosophical Practitioner from the American Philosophical Practitioner Association.  I have taught at Ashland University, and at the University of Akron. I am currently teaching at Lorain County Community College, and Lakeland Community College.

I teach all areas of philosophy (Introduction, Logic, Ethics, Bioethics, Critical Thinking), and World Religion; and have been practicing yoga almost 10 years now.

Brett Cohen (Cycle Revolution Teacher Training, Toronto) Brett has been teaching spin classes for the past 10 years. He is a certified spin instructor and personal trainer, bringing with him a wealth of experience in competitive road racing, track and field, rugby and swimming. His training methods are designed to ensure that riders leave the spinning class fitter than they were when they came in. What distinguishes him from the average spin instructor is the unique way in which he uses music to achieve that goal. His music is carefully chosen, remixed and choreographed to match a meticulously crafted ride. Simply put, when the music goes fast, the rider goes fast. When the music relaxes, the rider recovers. “The music,” he says, “is your training partner”. Brett seeks to dispel the myth that spinning classes are too hard. By letting the riders know exactly what to expect – how long, how many, how much – they are able to take complete control of their own ride. In this way, Brett ensures that riders don’t get stuck doing something they can’t handle and, more importantly, that they sustain their sense of humour.

Jodi Fischtein (Yoga Teacher Training, Toronto)
Jodi is a mixed lineage yoga teacher, loving aspects of Ashtanga, Prana Flow vinyasa and Yin yoga. She has PreNatal yoga and Thai massage training. Jodi is currently immersed in the work of Dr. Jon-Kabat Zinn's Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) at University of Toronto. She received her BA in English Literature and Creative Writing at NYU. In 2005 Jodi relocated to Toronto from Long Island, New York. Since 2008 she has been sharing her yoga practice in Toronto. Through the dedicated work of Buddhist Thich Nhat Hanh, Jodi experienced a shift that speaks to the practice of attentiveness and deep listening. She lives with her husband and four children in Toronto.

Jeannine Woodall (Yoga Teacher Training, Toronto)
Jeannine has taught yoga for 15 years in the Ashtanga yoga and Jivamukti Yoga traditions. Jeannine was former founder and co-director of Sage Yoga and Meditation Centre, Toronto, and Jivamukti Yoga Toronto. She is an Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher by Sharon Gannon and David Life of the Jivamukti Yoga School, New York. Jeannine is closely guided by her Tibetan Buddhist Lama, Lopon Ugyen Rinpoche, in philosophy and meditation. Rinpoche is a ngakpa, of the Tibetan Buddhist Niyngma or Ancient Lineage. Ngkapas practice yogas inwardly, while involved in daily life, and transform the challenges of life into energy, on the path to higher realization. Jeannine has completed the “ngndro” or preliminary practices, which entail 100,000 refuge and bodhichitta prostrations, 100,000 mandala offerings and 100,000 Vajrasattva 100 syllable mantra recitations. Now her main meditation practice is Guru Yoga. Jeannine personally mentors students in their spiritual practices. Jeannine has a Master’s Degree in Art History and a Bachelor of Laws Degree. She continues to practice law. Her inspiration to teach yoga comes from a wish to offer peace to others. She weaves the philosophical teachings of yoga and Buddhism with spiritual discipline – making the enlightened wisdom of the past relevant to our present lives.

Charlene Yeh (Yoga Teacher Training, Toronto)
Charlene Yeh's teaching combines fluid movement with detailed alignment instruction. Her classes will get you into a deep meditative groove and her love of precision will keep you safe and informed. She combines the blood-pumping kinesthetic experience of vinyasa flow with steady breathwork and heartful intention. Her creative sequences stem from the direct experience of her own ever-evolving practice and the result is an intelligent, sweaty and inspired practice that will leave you feeling more grounded and graceful. Charlene holds an 800-hour certification from the Jivamukti Yoga School and an Advanced Teaching Certificate from Kula Yoga Project NYC. Her inspiration stems from her studies of meditation, yoga philosophy and Tibetan Buddhism, as well as her teachers David Life, Sharon Gannon, Jeannine Woodall and Yumee Chung (Jivamukti Yoga), Schuyler Grant (Freestyle Yoga), Elena Brower (Anusara Yoga) and Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche (Tibetan Buddhism and meditation). Charlene is also a classically trained violist and has a Master of Music diploma from the Conservatoire National et Supérieur de Musique et Danse de Paris.

Dana Chapman (Yoga Teacher Training, Toronto)

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