I took my CRTT in 2009 through Spynga and their team of instructors. My motivation was purely for fun and to challenge myself. The course was fun, interesting and challenging in terms of building the confidence to perform in front of others. I definitely feel as though Casey and her team gave me all the tools I needed to go out there and teach. Three years later I have been teaching spin since I was certified and it has turned into a side career. I would highly recommend Spynga for the CRTT program.- Tamar Wagman, Class of 2009

"The CRTT was very effective and clearly layed out course for indoor cycling instruction. Between the safety, physiological and technical instruction / documentation, the course focussed on how to ‘lead’ and inspire an indoor cycling class. After spinning and taking classes throughout North America over the last 10 years, I can easily say the CRTT style of teaching and class instruction far out-classes any indoor cycling I have experienced. On a personal level, the CRTT instruction helped me realize that I could balance a very demanding work life as a health IT entrepreneur with indoor cycle instruction. I could still be a ‘suit’ and drive a kick-ass indoor cycle class." - Amos Adler, Class of 2011

"After spinning at Spynga for two and a half years I was encouraged by the Spynga team to get certified to teach. I had spun off fifty pounds (!!) and I was ready to take my spin practice to the next level. Although more than two years have gone by since I completed the CRTT training, I recall being impressed by the fact that it was professional and educational but not at all intimidating. I teach at Spynga and I believe the CRTT training provided me with the tools to be a very successful, professional instructor." - Danielle Adler, Class of 2010

"A life changing journey that continues to give. It transformed my practice. It provided the opportunity to develop life long friendships. It set the foundation for creating a rewarding career that enables me to be inspired everyday. I am able to give to my students because of the gift that was given to me by my teachers" ~Hayley Zelikovitz, Class of 2009

"Over the last few years I decided to be more proactive with my personal health and fitness. Being a client at Spynga was (and still is) the perfect place for me. The environment, instructors and clients are friendly , knowledgeable and non judgmental. In May 2011 I got seriously into spinning. It clicked for me from the moment my cycling shoes "clicked" into the peddles.I loved the music, I loved the way the instructors challenged me when I thought I was done and I loved the endorphin surge.I decided to do the CRTT to improve my personal ride. Through the process (and on going support from the Spynga team) I realized that being an instructor was something I wanted to do. Casey and the CRTT facilitators provided me with the education and tools I needed to get on the bike and lead the ride and I have enjoyed every minute of it!"- Nara Abrams, Class of 2011

“The Spynga indoor cycling training experience was filled with a wonderfully contagious positive energy that left me smiling after every class- Kayla Noodleman, class of 2012

“I took the CRTT as a personal challenge for myself, not sure whether I wanted to use my certification to teach or only to have a deeper understanding of my own cycling practice. I have finished it feeling empowered, confident and inspired to share my passion with others.” –Julia Horel, class of 2012

I loved the CRTT program and I would recommend it to anyone. The program was very thorough and I feel that the instructors that graduate from your program are the best out there. I also feel that Casey is very knowledgable and motivating. I really learned so much from her. She is an incredible spinning instructor and teacher.
I am excited to pick up the certificate and I hope to get a job teaching with it. Thank you for everything!!! 
- Deborah Glass, Class of January 2014

Taking the Spynga YTT was an unforgettable experience. This program is set up to give you the tools to take your practice to a whole new level. Not only does it deepen your personal practice, it also sets you up to teach your new found knowledge to others with confidence. Each instructor brought their own expertise to the program but they all created an atmosphere full of love, support and inspiration-extending themselves to assist you along your journey. I will always remember this experience and am so thankful to have had the opportunity to learn from such inspirational mentors."- Erin Sweetnam, Class of 2013

 The Spynga Yoga teacher training was a truly Amazing experience. Sari, Jeanine and the rest of the faculty were not only knowledgeable but they were with you every step of the way. This course not only taught me about yoga, but it taught me a lot about myself, it was a very transformational experience. I would recommend the Spynga RYTT to anyone who is looking to become a yoga instructor or deepen their practice." Kathleen Archibald, Class of 2013

“ Thanks to Spynga for giving me the opportunity to find my voice as a Yoga Teacher – it has carried me on and off the mat to a new place in my personal practice and with how I can teach others. Truly a gift of a course. Namaste!” - Ya'ara Saks, Class of 2013


The Spynga Yoga Teacher Training was an amazing and life-changing experience that I would do again in a heartbeat. Over the past 6 months I have learned so much about yoga, teaching and myself. They really touch on all aspects of yoga (pranayama, asana, meditation, philosophy, history, etc) and the teachers each brought such unique knowledge and passion to the subjects taught.” - Paige Hillier, Class of 2013

"A few years back I stepped away from the employment consulting industry which I had been immersed in since 1989 and decided to spend time at home with my family. I think being a mom is the greatest, most rewarding job in the world. However after several years at home, life was once again changing. My son would soon be going off to university and my daughter would be starting high school. I knew I had to either go back to the corporate world or find something else I wanted to do. A new career at 40...definitely scary! So what was it that I loved that I could be passionate about day in and day out? After some deliberation, I realized the thing that I loved I was already doing every day. Yoga at Spynga! But could I make a career out of Yoga? I decided I was going to go for it. I started researching different teacher training certifications at a variety of yoga studios and was reassured that yes this was really what I wanted to do but where? I went to Sari to let her know my new plans and it was at that point it all came together. Spynga was to offer their first yoga teacher training in October, just 3 months away. Both Sari and Tracey two of my favourite instructors would be leading the training.” It was meant to be.I started the training and absolutely loved every minute of it, the anatomy, sequencing, philosophy, pranyama and the friendships. I didn’t want it to end. However on February 14th there I was teaching my first class for my practical exam. I was now a yoga instructor. Teacher Training had officially come to an end. So now what? Yikes I actually had to find work. Spynga had definitely given me the skills to teach and over the last 20 years I had found work for hundreds of people. It was now time to head hunt for myself, something I knew I could do. So I prepared a resume, hit the gyms, taught community classes, subbed at yoga studios and it all came together. Almost 3 ½ years later I have taken 2 other trainings and have a full teaching schedule. I love what I do and I can’t imagine doing anything else. We are all constantly faced with change in our lives. Change can offer us opportunity."-Lisa Barkin, Class of 2009

“This was an amazing course. It’s really opened my eyes to so many aspects of yoga, and has shown me there is still an infinite amount of learning ahead. While the knowledge you acquire from anatomy, alignment and the chakras, to history and philosophy, is outstanding, I think what really stood out for me were all of the inspiring teachers. Their honest practice has brought so much meaning to the course, and I look forward to staying in touch, and to continue learning from them!” - Anna Urbano, Class of 2012

My experience as a participant in Spynga’s Teacher’s Training program was everything I hoped for and so much more. The instructors and other participants were loving, supportive and encouraged me every step of my journey. At times it was very challenging, but I never felt alone. My teachers were there to answer my questions and offer constructive feedback in a positive way. When my confidence waivered, there was always someone there to talk to, offer advice, or just give a loving hug. I will be forever grateful for my time spent in Spynga’s Teacher’s Training program. It was one of the most creative and inspiring experiences of my life.” –Kelly Wentzell, Class of 2012

I LOVED my Teacher Training Course through Spygna. The teachers were passionate, knowledgeable, dedicated and loving. I was blessed to make friends with my peers, who were supportive of one another during our intensive weekends. I feel I have learned so much and I am confident that I will be a great yoga teacher. My love and appreciation goes out to all the Spygna Teachers.” – Rachel Piccolo, Class of 2012

Excellently prepared & executed” Carla Weinstein, Class of 2012

"I have just completed the Yoga Teacher Training Course at Spynga The Yoga and Cycling Studio. It was a six-month intensive course that was demanding both physically and mentally and was one of the single most amazing experiences of my life. This training gave me all of the necessary tools to teach yoga to beginner and more advanced students as well as the confidence in myself to do so effectively. I have been teaching cycling at Spynga for 5 years and I never believed I had the ability to find stillness and calmness in my very busy life. Raising twins and working two jobs finally made the idea of calmness too undeniably enticing to resist. I began working on my yoga practice in preparation for the course and never looked back. The teacher training was intense but the support and love of each of the facilitators was unconditional and constant. Sari and Tracey have created a 225 hour course that covers all of the essentials. I would highly recommend it to anyone considering teaching yoga or simply looking to develop their own practice while learning about more about themselves." - Joanna Rosenberg, Spynga Teacher, Class of 2012

I had done another 200hr yoga teacher training program, many workshops, a week vinyasa training before I came to the Spynga training. I wanted a refresher and something to inspire my teaching. Sari and Tracy blew me away (all of the other teachers that they brought in as well). They provided a warm, caring environment for us to explore and learn. I found not only was I more knowledgeable in philosophy I was able to incorporate into my class, the anatomy component was essential and very through but easy to understand and remember, and for someone who needed a boost in confidence the training provided me with the tools to speak and teach confidently and authentically from my own heart.” - Karen Gnat, B.A., RHN, Certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Holistic nutrition + Currently teaches at North York Hospital, private clients, city of Toronto, and Spynga, Class of 2011

"I graduated from Spynga's 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certification Program January 2011. Program Director's Sari Nisker-Fox and Tracey Belanger-Soghrati, did an excellent job providing us with the tools necessary to start our journey as a yoga teacher and deepen our practice and knowledge of yoga. The combination of theory, covering everything from anatomy to yogic philosophy, and practicum, gave me the confidence and inspiration necessary to pursue my path as a yoga teacher. Sari and Tracey are truly one of the most inspiring teachers I have known, and I am honored to have had the privilege to be guided and learning from these wonderful teachers. I highly recommend this Teacher Training to both new and aspiring yoga teachers, as well as current yoga teachers and devoted yogis who wants to deepen their knowledge and practice."- Grethe Liverud teaches Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin Yoga at Roots Yoga Studio and Village Yoga

"The Yoga Teacher Training program at Spynga was a life-enriching experience for me. The choice to transition from a student to a teacher marked a shift in my perception of myself and my relationship to my practice. The training at Spynga was organized, informative, professional, and very personal. I felt supported and challenged during the program and after graduating. I recommend the program for anyone looking to evolve as a human being, deepen their knowledge, and help teach others to do so as a qualified yoga instructor."- Sheila Goldman, Teaches Vinyasa Flow at Front & Centre Dance Academy, Class of 2009

Spynga's 200-hour Teacher Training Program marked a turning point in my personal yoga practice. The lecture hours were fascinating, giving us an open forum to discuss yogic philosophy and its application to modern life. The assignments were thoughtful and creative, giving a clear understanding of the anatomical considerations of teaching to various types of students, modifications for injuries, and the proper tools to carve out a well-sequenced class. Most of all, studying with Sari Nisker-Fox and Tracey Soghrati (as well as our guest instructors) encouraged me to be receptive to my own gifts as a teacher while growing within a warm, supportive community."- Anna Cipponne currently teach at Spynga, Sama & Verity, Class of 2011

“After applying for yoga Teachers Training at another studio that was unable to follow through with their commitment, Spynga confirmed my belief that everything happens for a reason. I graduated from Spynga’s TT program in January 2011 and what an experience. The program offers everything you need and more no matter which direction your journey takes you. Right from the get-go I knew Spynga was the studio of choice from the thorough application that was required in order to participate in the TT program. Once I was able to meet the other applicants that were selected, I felt honored and privileged to be part of the group. I was indeed fortunate to have fallen in the hands of two wonderful and experienced teachers who have given me the foundation I needed to peruse my career change as a yoga teacher. Although these teachers had a positive impact regarding my journey my positive experience did not stop there. Every team player at Spynga whether it is another teacher or administrator welcomes you with open arms with an expression that mimics the words, “welcome how I can help you!” I am currently teaching at Body to Bliss yoga in Vaughan as I continue my yoga journey never forgetting my roots that ground me in my practices; thank you Spynga!” - Tony Commisso, Class of 2011

"Spynga's yoga teacher training program was a transformative experience. The love, attention + professionalism of the faculty opened my mind, body and soul to a world of possibilities. I know that not only my personal practice but also how I bring this teaching to my work + life with others will be enriched and deepened to a level that I would not have been able to get otherwise. The connection + attention made me feel part of a loving family" - Cleo Haber, Class of 2012


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