Spynga's mission

Spynga The Yoga and Cycling studio’s philosophy is about living authentically. It is about providing a community-oriented environment in which to explore and remember the deeper aspects of the self through the thrilling art of indoor cycling and the ancient practice of yoga and thus live a more balanced, healthy and enriched transparent existence.  We celebrate accessibility and believe in a non-competitive arena, recognizing that each one of us has a path to follow and every teacher a special gift to put forth. Spynga is a home to yoga devotees, recreational cyclists, bike racers, fitness enthusiasts, and those who simply want to move towards more health and well being. We are a respite for a community to reconnect and regenerate their body, mind and spirit through the physical gateway. Delivering innovative and cutting-edge programming, the Spynga team is committed to offering every individual a place to set goals and realize their full fitness and wellness potential.

Spynga’s community begins with a team who care about their contribution towards a client’s wellness experience and giving back to society.  Spynga crew members are a part of the team based on their approachable attitude, helpful hands and professional knowledge to ensure safe and nurturing classes or workshops. We are dedicated to the principal that one does not have to feel flawless to be fit. Spynga does not represent a single “type” of person. There is a practice and purpose for everyone at Spynga, from the toddler to the grandparent. Our guiding principles are built around personalized service, crafted to individual’s needs and goals. We are family-orientated and sensitive to the fact that we all live in a time-pressured world.

The heart of our existence is to inspire feeling good from the inside out and is in alignment with our mirrorless studios to encourage core connection and empowerment. Spynga studios comfortable, friendly, and vibrant environment makes an evolving journey of transformation possible and within reach.  The unique atmosphere in Spynga studios flow from the energy, loyalty, and love of teaching that is Spynga. We are a culture. We are a family. Come join us.

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