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I must say this is one of the best experiences I've had at a spin studio. The instructor was very upbeat and definitely kept the entire group motivated. I love how she provided towels, and continually made sure everyone had enough water to keep their workout going smoothly! The entire workout was exactly what I was looking for, and I can't wait to get back at it! I will definitely be signing up for more classes :) K.C.

I really enjoyed Amos's class. It was challenging and dynamic with a good proportion of time in/out of the saddle. He spoke clearly and had a good sense of timing, providing the proper counts. He seemed comfortable and confident leading the class and his music selection was great! He has a style similar to Danielle's and I love her classes. I would absolutely take his class again. 

I also wanted to return the feeling of gratitude for what the Spynga community has brought to my life. 

You, Sari and the rest of the Spynga crew have managed to create and foster such a unique and positive space that has allowed me the opportunity to see positive change in so many areas of my life, make new friends, and consistently ask more of myself spiritually and physically.  So thank YOU! See you around the studio.  Ashley 

After years of walking by Spynga in my neighbourhood, I finally decided it was time to stop thinking about signing up and I just logged on and did it. The process of registering online was so easy and efficient, so we were off to a good start already. Waking up at 5:15 am the next morning was tough, but I as soon as I arrived, I was given a tour of the studio by the friendliest instructor at about 5:50 am. A clean, beautiful, light studio and an amazingly upbeat cycling class is all I needed to experience to be sure this is the place for me. See you soon, and thank you!

I just wanted to congratulate Casey and Sari on an amazing 5 years.  Happy Birthday to Spynga. Thank you for all that you do for me, my husband, my daughters and every person that has had the opportunity to walk through your doors and experience the incredible business you have created.  I have been truly changed both in body and mind from attending your classes.  Continued success, M.A.

You only get one chance to make a "first impression" and I have to say you blew me away. I loved your studio - it's gorgeous.  I couldn't help but notice that from the moment we entered we were made to feel incredibly welcomed - there wasn't an "elitist" feel to the place at all.  I wish I could remember our instructor's name but she was fabulous.  I really enjoyed the spin and yoga combination - I felt like I maximized the use of my hour!!  I'm trying to get out more and find fun new ways to exercise - this definitely hit the spot! Thank you thank you thank you. RdA 

ps - congratulations on your business model - your studio was full, your products look great!  Wishing you much success

Love love loved the spinning / yoga combo...Yes my legs are still sore but it was a fab class, I will be back...thank you for the gift below. I plan on attending class regularly.  Namaste Mary Luise

I very much enjoyed my first Spynga class!  I am not a fan of yoga, but I surprised myself yesterday.  I really enjoyed the yoga class after the spinning class.  Yoga helped me to calm down and relax after working my butt off during spinning.  The atmosphere was very beautiful and serene.

I love Spynga - I'm definitely addicted already! :) My favourite class so far was the Ride and Pump Cycle Flow on Thanksgiving weekend - great idea to incorporate weights into the workout. Megan Easto

I'm loving my journey with Spynga! See you later this week :-) - Perianne

Thank you very much for the great first experience in mama & babe zone 8 RIDE!  This was exactly the type of fitness class I was looking for as a new mom of a four month old. What a fantastic and very practical idea to give moms a chance to work out while still having their wee ones close by. Joanna is a superb instructor! She is friendly, motivating and very affectionate with the babies (and she also provides a great music selection)! My son and I would love to come more than once a week if any additional classes could be added! I'm hoping to spread the word so that more moms know this class exists!  Thanks again.  Sincerely, Maggie

I started yoga at your studio almost two years ago and my back injury (herniated disk) is not bothering me as often as it used too. I stopped visiting practitioners a year or so ago and when my back goes off I take a bit time off from everything and then go to yoga and even though it continues hurting in a while, the pain slowly goes away so then I am back to normal.  I am the Canadian National Champion of 2007 and had to stop competitive fencing due to the injury, but I am still able to fence with my students and occasionally because I feel so much better now. I also feel that yoga helps me mentally to stay positive and focus.
I am so happy to practice yoga at Spynga meeting great teaches and people, and I only wish I have come to your studio a few years ago. Katya Belinka

I tell everyone I know about Spynga -- it really is such a wonderful atmosphere. I know I'm not very good at the cycling aspect yet, but I hope to keep improving on my form and heightening my resistance! I know that with the support of the teachers I will be in good hands and improvement will be guaranteed. The yoga is a great touch and I am a very spiritual person so I think it is fantastic as a cool down! To go from empowering and energetic to calm and spiritual is a really great feeling.  

I thought to myself as I was flying along with Kasey on Wednesday morning at 6:30 – it just does not get much better than this...fantastic music, someone who is so motivating and fun to work out with, a great environment with good equipment and being part of a group of people all working hard. Love it. So rest 

Spynga has the calmness that I needed. Whether it's a great spin class or a soothing massage or an enlightening yoga class.  I always feel safe when I'm in your studio. It's a true reflection of who you and Sari are. So I thank you for having such a wonderful place to come to and for being such beautiful humans. DG

Once a year I leave the west coast and come to Toronto for pleasure/work reasons. Each trip I find myself looking for ways to continuemy workout routine. This time I found Spynga and it was just what I needed!They have a 1 month, "come-as-often-as-you-want" option that is veryreasonable. There are several classes throughout the day and early evening; theinstructors are terrific - attentive, friendly, and very knowledgeable. The workout is fabulous - following up a spinning session with yoga postures was newto me but it made for an excellent combination. Donna Jeffery

Energizing... motivational... challenging... inspirational... trendsetting... that's what Spynga (Casey and Sari) is all about...and then some! These 'girls' do have a finger on the pulse...and please keep challenging us! Wishing you lots of mazel! Love and light, Vivian"

Spynga brings my 3 levels of self together, the spirit, the soul and the body and because of this I leave feeling complete and connected to a renewed passion and sense of purpose for my health, well being and vitality. It is a huge gift and I am grateful that you made this available. Namaste.EP

I have been a runner for 20 years. I never believed that spinning and yoga, together or separately, would be a challenging work out. I was so wrong. Your spinning classes push me further than my longest runs, your yoga classes sculpt me better than my weight training. The instructors are always helpful and never intimidating. The participants are supportive of each other. What distinguishes your studio from a gym is that it works on the body and the mind. There is always a smiling face to greet you and the encouragement is overflowing. I look forward to perfecting my practice (I have a long way to go) and increasing my endurance. I want to thank you for taking my fitness to the next level. Your revolutionary concept is guaranteed to whip anyone with the desire into great shape.  Sincerely, Marcy Segal

One of my first classes at Spynga changed the way I work out. Here's how; I showed up on a Sunday morning thinking someday it would be good thing to try one of Spynga's packed yoga classes. When I arrived, Sari confirmed I was signed up for the combo spinning and yoga class not yoga, uh-oh, before I could contemplate returning another day just for yoga, Sari had me trying on spinning shoes and... within minutes I was spinning, all fear forgotten! So, I went from planning to making spinning and yoga a regular part of my workout. Thanks, Spynga Helene

Thank you for an amazing workout today. I really enjoyed my first class at Spynga. It was a high energy, challenging and motivating combination of spinning & yoga. What a great concept! Thank you. Rosemary Sutherland

Doing spynga has been a great experience for me. I've never actually done an exercise that made me sweat! The mental and physical benefits have been huge.  Jeanette

Dear Sari & Casey,  Thank you for spynga and the positive difference it has made in my life.  You've developed the perfect blend of commerce and compassion.  Keep it up!  Anne

Today I went to the Queen's University gym to go to a spin class. Myself and several other girls, were waiting outside the room. At 7:35 a man came to inform us that they do not know where our instructor has gone. He said he could let us in the room to spin for the time being. Several girls walked away, but about ten stayed. He suggested one of us lead the class. I said I would if someone had an Ipod. I was in luck. Tonight, I led my very first spin class. I used all your tricks and instructions. I did “slide”, jumps, heavy pace straight for 2 min, bounce no bounce etc. I reminded them to keep their heels down, back straight and yelled at them to go faster. It was great!!!!!!! After the class, two of the girls said I was better then the instructors at the gym. I told them about spynga and how I have learned everything for all of you.I had a great night, and I can’t thank you enough for teaching me in the past. You are all fantastic. MG

An incredible synergy of spinning (indoor cycling) and yoga. Who would have ever thought to put these 2 modes of exercise together? The brain child of Casey Soer and Sari Nisker; couldn’t be a better form of exercise, fat burning, power and peace. I’ve been exercising as long as I can remember, yet I can honestly say it was more a chore than a desire. Not any more. To say I’ve become an addict would be an understatement, but I don’t think I am alone. There seems to be a growing culture that surrounds this fabulous studio. The energy is just amazing. For those of you who are looking for not just a way to be fit but a way to fly, I implore you, try Spynga!!!! written by Shawn Solomon, owner of Thornhill Skin Clinic

Dear Yoga, I have to confess, I have been cheating on you, For a long time. Spynga north opened up and I got spinning obsessed. Today I did a spin class and then there was a yoga class after. I was shaking like a leaf in the poses, the stretching made me feel so good. I am sorry that I have been a cheater. I promise to be more committed to you going forward Lots of love Nara

Hi Sari and Casey Thank you!! For the great note, great welcome (your front desk girl, whose name I've sadly forgotten, was amazing!), and an amazing class (the instructor was beyond great - so helpful but a killer workout too. And such good music!!).  I also LOVE how you have two studios! One right by the office, and the other right down the street from my place - who could ask for more? Thanks again to you both, and the rest of the Spynga team, for making me feel so welcome for my first (of many!) classes :) - Kasey Bayne

thank you so much for the great time im having at spynga!
i must say that the teachers are amazing, the music and the atmosphere- im having an amazing workout SK 

I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how happy i am to have fallen in love with Spynga North.  I am going through a very challenging and stressful family situation right now, and it has required me to call on all of my resources and bring the "best me" i could possibly access to my daily life.  As with all challenges, stress and anxiety are a big part of the package.  Coming to Spynga, I have found the best way to prepared my mind, body and spirit of the challenges that face me right now.  I am so grateful it's here for me.  Since trying my first class 20-something days ago, I have done 17 classes, and loved them all.

Casey, your quote on the website "When fear is replaced by hope, it becomes a trampoline for progress" really resonates with me at this time.  One of my precious kids is in major crisis.  That is at the core of my family situation.  The intension that I set at the start of every class at Spynga is "peace and calm".  I am adding "hope" to the mix now with that in mind. S.S.

Thank you so much for the wonderful rock of ages spynga flow yesterday. I LOVE it. What a great concept. It's perfect. Rock is my kind of music - anything from ACDC to Led Zep - so I was really pleased with that theme and I hope there will be more.  I also like the fact that the spinning part is only 30 minutes, complemented with yoga. For me, that works very well.  I will be back for sure. GB

I loved my first Spynga class it was amazing,  Hayley was fantastic and so hands on.  I communicated to her that I have a knee problem and she adjusted the bike for me in a perfect way I stayed seated and managed to get through twenty minutes.  The yoga was great and she positioned me at the back so I could see what the others were doing.  I was really impressed overall and I plan on coming back next Monday.  Julia is the sweetest as well and incredibly helpful. -Gail Young

Hi you two (casey & sari) …As the Ride approaches I wanted to catch up and share the most recent pic of the orchid which is thriving.  It continues to serve as a reminder for me of renewal and health and finding beauty where you might least expect it.  Since recovering from a wicked chest cold that kept me off the bike for almost 6 weeks I have loved being back in the studio especially the 6:30 classes in the morning. I have been out on my bike lots in the last two weeks and all my training over the winter wasn’t lost. I am totally psyched about the ride and really looking forward to it. I am still sitting at number 6 on the top ten. I feel proud of my ability to hit my target.  I also feel very lucky to be a part of the Spynga community and to keep my commitments to health and living large! You two make it easy for me to find things to challenge myself, build friendship and community around health and fitness and feel like I am part of something bigger.  Much love to you both - Liz

Hi all Spyn-sters !I  enjoyed my first amazing, eye-opening class yesterday, truly revolution - ary !  I'll be trying a variety of classes over the next few weeks, for a full flavour of what is offered. Thank you for your warm welcome to a true novice. Best, Connie

I really enjoyed my first visit to your studio.  I found the yin/yan class wonderful. This was my first time experiencing this type of yoga and I loved it.   It was informative, relaxing,challenging and thought provoking.  The instruction was great.  The teacher's running dialogue really enhanced the physical and mental experience.  I also appreciated her hands on approach.  I would definitely like to come back and try some other classes (spin and yoga) at your studio. Thanks, Cindy

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the Yoga Class I attended on wednesday @ 7:30pm.  For somebody who doesn't practice yoga that often I was a little concerned that I would not be able to do well in this class and although I was a little unsure of how to do some of the poses I was given support from the instructor. The instructor made me feel comfortable.  Unlike some other yoga classes (at other studios) I appreciated that the Instructor was "hands on" with helping me correct or adjust my poses.  She also provided easier/challenging variations of poses to support the different level of abilities of the participants. I will definitely be coming back.  -Stephanie D.

What a fantastic yoga studio! Everyone was so welcoming and friendly. Sari was awesome and instructive which was appreciated! Can't wait for our next session. Ada and Andrew

Dear Casey & Sari, I had my first Spynga experience yesterday morning.  I was sore by late afternoon and continue to be sore today.  I thoroughly enjoyed my first class.  I was told by another participant that it was the 'advanced' freestyle fit circuit flow class.  She commented that I picked a bad time to start out.  I told her that my theory was to attempt the harder class (in reality I got the times mixed up for the Wed class and came 10 mins too late) and if I couldn't hack it then I know that I have to go down a level.  I'd rather push myself then get lulled into something that's too easy and think I'm working as hard as I can.  Friday's class didn't disappoint.  I know I can do it but there are areas which I need more endurance on.   I want to thank you for all of your helpful staff and the instructor on Friday.  You have all made me excited to work out again.  I came back from living overseas for four years in December and hadn't really made a connection to the gym.  I joined one but haven't been consistently going.  Spynga for me is like a personal trainer without having to pay gym membership fees.  I'm just paying the trainer for the intense workout and the extra attention that I know I need to reach my goals.   I'm very happy that you've opened a studio north of the city.  Too many times I see gyms that I'd be interested in but they are always downtown.  I feel like this studio is the best of all worlds.  Cardio and weights in a smaller more intimate atmosphere.  I'll definitely be back and I'll be bringing my sister once she's back from the US.  I'm also trying to recruit other friends who do not like gyms and are doing alternative workouts.  Hopefully I'll have a little group that works out together.  
I have always had a love of health and fitness.  After a series of prophylactic surgeries-I realized that i needed fitness in my life to facilitate my approach to how I want to live my life.  Spynga opened the doors to different fitness avenues for me to explore-spinning, yoga &  circuit training. Today you can't ask me what I prefer-I equally love and enjoy all of them and my week is filled with different classes that lift me physically, emotionally and spiritually.  There is no doubt -i have been spyingafied. Love you girls xo N.A.

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