hands-on assists training for yoga teachers

Build upon your abilities and talents as a yoga instructor and learn in-depth advanced posture assists.

Hands-on assists can offer you a profound way to communicate with your students on the mat. Skillful adjustments keep your students safe and offer them deeper insights into the form and essence of the practice while sharing something about our innate potential for healing, health and happiness.

This 5 hour workshop will give you a deeper understanding to assist the most challenging and adventurous poses, including hanumanasana, balancing backbends, drop backs, inversions and hand balances. We will use these poses to explore ways to expand our facility with touch, gain insight into the physical and energetic anatomy, and ultimately gain more confidence as a teacher and practitioner.

You will cultivate your skills in a supportive, practical, hands-on environment where you will watch, photograph and make notes on detailed demonstrations before giving and receiving adjustments with partners of different shape and sizes.

Please check our training schedule to see when the next 5 hour Hands On Assist Training is on. 

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