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We believe that pregnancy and becoming a mother is a special time in one’s life. Your body essentially becomes this amazing science experiment with all of the physical changes that occur. Physical activity during your pregnancy makes a difference both in how your body adapts to the physiological changes occurring and how quickly you recover postpartum in terms of getting your figure back as well as your energy levels. Spynga wants to help keep you strong, flexible, …and sane so we extend a SPECIAL pack good for any class on our weekly schedules to all you mamas to be and NEW mamas out there! (*by new mama’s we mean a little one 1 year of age and younger.)

3 month unlimited for $400 +HST  This package cannot be transferred, put on hold, extended or shared. Our same policies apply to this special package.

Spynga’s pre & post natal programs are designed to meet the needs of pregnancy and the new beginnings of your growing family. Our knowledgeable and supportive community of instructors and specialized facilitators will help keep you feeling inspired and nourished during this extraordinary time in your life


YOGA Prenatal

For the yoga mamas-to-be! An opportunity to take the time to celebrate and connect with the glorious changes happening in your life! Develop breathing techniques and a meditation practice to gain access to a peaceful center and an increased awareness. Move through gentle sequences to increase vitality and confidence while building strength and endurance in preparation for the birthing mind and body.


CYCLE Circuit - Mama + Babe

As a new mom, life can resemble a juggler’s act from a circus or feel like you are the poodle performing for an audience of one. We’ve created the ultimate circus act for you, designed to jump start your physical fitness regime- post-baby. Increase strength, flexibility and agility through cycling and target muscle group exercises, performed in a circuit style to increase your cardio vascular health and get you in the fat burning zone.  Ideal for babes aged 4 weeks – 8 months.


YOGA Core Rebuild Mama + Babe

This class is designed for Moms treading their way back to strength and fitness after babies. A great way to get on a sweat while taking your strength to the next level, safely*. *Safe + corrective of common postpartum conditions such as DRA (diastasis recti abdominus), POP (pelvic organ prolapse), and UI (urinary incontinence). Mamas will flow with baby through blissful vinyasa sequences, and deep opening seated postures to rebuild strength + balance. Allows you and baby to release any cranky tension in the mind and body. This juicy yoga class will leave you and baby feeling completely rejuvenated, restored and ready to conquer your day!


STRENGTH Mama + Babe

This action-packed class includes a large variety of fun, easy to follow but intense fitness moves for Mama with babe right by your side.  No bike required, moms will move through sequences that will increase their strength, flexibility and agility, targeting specific muscle groups, while strengthening and conditioning the total body. Ideal for babes aged 4 weeks – 8 months.

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