kids & preTeen classes

Taking care of the needs of a growing family is similar to tending to the needs of a growing garden. Whether you are starting a new family by welcoming your first child, or adding a new little one to your already thriving family, Spynga has the community, the classes and the programs to help each member of your family blossom. We think kids need their own time to reconnect to their little selves too and have created different yoga classes for various age groups; 3-6 years,7-9 years as well as preTeens/tweens (ages 10-12).


kids YOGA

Mind and Body fun! Kids can discover a sense of happiness and peace within themselves in this fast-paced world we live in by practicing yoga with a joyous and creative approach. Interactive and artistic classes to stimulate and enhance the imagination! Yoga helps to improve the memory, boost energy levels and increase attention spans. Yoga increases focus and self confidence that helps kids develop a positive outlook on life.

p.s. most kids yoga class have a cycle or spynga class happening at the same time so moms and dads can workout too!


preteen YOGA

A lively flow to awaken the soul! Journey through postures at a steady pace and deepen your awareness of breath and movement with a focus on your body’s alignment in poses. Increase strength, flexibility and vibrancy. Watch your practice blossom!


family YOGA

Welcome the young and old, individuals or the whole family! Enjoy moving through traditional yoga postures in this cheerful, open and energetic class. All who flow together, stay together. This is a class built to promote connection, wellness and open to anyone you call your family; parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, older siblings, and caregivers too.

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