indoor cycling



A 45 minute ride where you will be challenged both mentally and physically, burning calories and building endurance and strength. Start pedaling and let go as muscles tone and the heart pumps to incredible music and instruction. Taught on a stationary bike, you will climb, sprint, soar, and sweat while stilling the mind. Participants can burn an average of 500-800 calories in one session.


CYCLE core

A one hour class that combines the cardiovascular intensity of cycling (40 minutes) followed by an ab and core strengthening workout (15 minute). Challenge yourself both mentally and physically, burning calories and building strength and endurance. The core strength portion will be done off the bike--Bring your MAT


CYCLE strength (40/20)

Truly a full body workout. Begin with a 40 minute exhilarating ride to rid your body of toxins and get your muscles warm. Move to the mat, for 20 minutes of a head to toe total body fix and transform your physical and mental states to peak performance mode. Use resistance bands and free weights to target all major muscle groups to strengthen and tone and end with a soothing stretch.


CYCLE Circuit - Mama + Babe

Hang with your babe + other moms + increase strength, flexibility and agility through cycling and target muscle group exercises, performed in a circuit style to increase your cardio vascular health and get you in the fat burning zone.


CYCLE Weekend Detox

Burn off the weekend’s indulgences to get you into the optimal state for your week! Raise your energy with a powerful ride through an intoxicating trip of intense hills, spirited sprints and colorful sequences!

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