the melody series by erin rothstein

erinsampleThe Melody Series is a visual and tactile expression of music. In each piece, layers of acrylic paint and transluscent prints serve to establish a unique sense of depth. This series of work is decorative in character, but intricate in its multi-sensory display of patterns, textures, and crescendos. Each work is meant to echo the spirit of the musical composition incorporated within it. In my art studio, I keep a piano, guitar, mandolin, ukulele, and sound system, which allow for a constant dialogue between visual art and music.

It is essentially this dialogue that I wish to communicate through my work. As I move forward with the Melody Series, I intend to experiment with a broader range of music, challenging myself to become more connected with the intricacies of each piece and to interpret them visually.


Erin Rothstein is a Canadian artist, born in Montreal and currently living and working in Toronto. Her artistic career was launched with the 2004 exhibition Terra Tremante at the Museo Allaperto Darte Contemporanea in Casacalenda, Italy. From 2005 to present, Montreal has hosted ten exhibitions of Erin’s work. Most recently, Erin’s work has been exhibited at Canvas Gallery and Engine Gallery in Toronto, Galerie Crescent Contemporain in Montreal, and as part of The Colart Collection, a major collection of contemporary Canadian art and a significant force in the careers of the country’s most provocative emerging artists.

Erin obtained a diplome d’études collegiales from Dawson College where she graduated with honours in Fine Arts. Upon graduation she specialized in Studio Arts and Art History at Concordia University where she obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Erin developed her knowledge of the international art scene by studying drawing in Italy. She later obtained a Masters degree in Art History from The University of Western Ontario, where she studied in detail the evolution and role of décor in modern art. Alongside her academic pursuits and career as an artist, Erin has worked with art consulting firms toward designing art collections for W-hotels, Waldorf Astoria Hotels, and Four Seasons Hotels worldwide. She has also managed local collections in Toronto’s own Avenue Road and Hollace Cluny.  Erin’s interdisciplinary experience in the arts and fierce commitment to the realm of contemporary aesthetics lends itself to projects that are highly nuanced and refreshingly innovative.


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