Soul Healing with Reiki

Reiki is a massage for your soul! The word Reiki is a Japanese word translated as “Universal Life Energy”. It is an energy healing practice that allows cleansing, clarity, and balance. It works to clear chakras and blocks for a better flow of energy in your physical and spiritual life. Blockages that can occur in the body can show through physical and emotional pain. Reiki is a gentle hands on treatment of energy clearing throughout your Chakra system. As the Practitioner, I work to clear anything and everything that is showing to block your system to allow a better flow of energy throughout your system. There is a sense of relaxation, healing, and alignment that takes place during and after the black white yoga wellness relaxationtreatment. My practice is dedicated to guiding clients to have a better spiritual understanding and connection to Source and Higher Self. Guided meditation is used during treatment to increase the flow of relaxation and the field of energy. Interested in more? The use of Angel Cards allows a connection with Archangels. It is one of the most powerful tools to connect with Angels as a way of guidance and healing. Angels bring peace and clarity into our lives and by this connection you receive Divine guidance. Sessions are highly individual as everyones energy and frequency varies.

There is such a privilege to knowing your soul self and understanding how your energy flows – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Your frequency, your vibration starts from within and extends to those around you. Some of the benefits to Reiki include improving concentration and clarity, reducing stress and increasing positivity, bringing states of relaxation and increased energy, relief from pain, tension and stiffness, improvement of sleep, and an overall sense of balance.

At the age of 18 I began my spiritual transformation. It wasn’t until I had physically lost a great love in my life that I truly began to understand the beauty of the notion that everything is Divinely timed. I had a choice – I could either grieve and lose sight of the beauty that love brought me, or take that love and make it flourish into so many other things. It was that event that brought me to understand who I was and what I needed in order to find balance and contentment in my life and how it was one of my duties to teach spynga beach relaxation wellness yoga torontoothers the same lesson. What I have come to know is that we have all the power inside of us. The power to self-heal, bring self-awareness and self-confidence. Rather than looking to the exterior to find our joy we should identify with all that lies within and seek contentment. The beauty of it all is that even in the darkest part of ourselves we have lessons leading us to greater and stronger spiritual potential. In finding my purpose and higher self, I found all the resources I have been divinely given to live the life intended for me. We must live our lowest days and our highest days – but what we do during that time, how we keep balance and how we keep moving is much more powerful than understood. Reiki was welcomed as a giant light in my life, guiding me through a life of service – for self and others. I practice with great honour, knowing how incredible it is to feel and discover the very light within all of us. I wish in practice and devotion to purpose I can be a light to others. In addition to Reiki, I hold a Bachelors of Design degree, specializing in Environmental Design and Graphic Design, and am a Self-Published Author of a Children’s Book entitled Mr. Dak: The Tale of a Special Turtle. Currently I am working toward my 250hr Yoga Teacher Certification. I am incredibly proud to share my purpose through my mind, body and soul – designing, writing, healing, and movement – and hope that I can ignite the same journey within others.

With Love,


Dayna Saba

Designer, Author, Reiki Master, Spiritual Counsellor

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