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10 Healthy Living Tips from the Girls Behind Cleaneatz

With an impressive Instagram following, Toronto’s Greta Epstein and Jamie Milne — the girls behind Cleaneatz — are quickly becoming the go-to source for healthy inspiration online.

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Spynga #Girlcrush: Fresh Restaurant Founder Ruth Tal’s Top 5 Travel Essentials

Long before “juicing” became a verb and health gurus with strong hashtag games took over our Insta feeds, Ruth Tal had a novel idea: create a travelling juice bar. That was back in 1990—a time when the Atkins diet was considered cool and vegans were considered extreme. But clearly Tal was onto something. Her juice-bar concept was so well received, it quickly became a Queen Street fixture, eventually evolving into a full-blown vegetarian restaurant—replete with juice bar—now called Fresh.

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TREND REPORT: Why functional fitness is the best full-body workout

Remember when step classes were the workout-du-jour? “A-step! Grapevine! Around the world!” the perky instructor would yell into her mic (I’d finally get the hang of ‘basic left’ as the rest of the class cooled down). Thankfully, those torturous days are over with. We’ve seen dozens of fitness trends come and go since: Jazzercise, Zumba, Tae Bo a la Billy Blanks. And who could forget Suzanne Somers’ ThighMaster? (Oh, that Chrissy Snow.)
These days, we’re working out smarter. Gone are the days of marathon treadmill sessions. Now it’s all about science-based evidence—in other words, what gives you the most bang for your gym-membership buck. The latest buzz term on everyone’s radar? Functional fitness ((a.k.a. functional training). Think of it as exercises that mimic everyday, real-life activities such as carrying groceries or shoveling snow. Unlike some trends of yesteryear, functional fitness is here to stay. Here’s everything you need to know about the popular workout technique.

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myStory of inspiration

My name is Danielle Adler and I am a CYCLE instructor at the SpyngaNorth studio in Thornhill, Ontario and SpyngaSouth studio in Toronto, Ontario. I have been a committed Spyngee since the first location in Toronto opened at Bathurst and St. Clair in 2007.

After I read the post below (thanks for the shout out Patrick!) I thought I’d share with all of you a bit about the journey that I have been on with Spynga for the past six years. Through postpartum depression and the insanity of having babies twenty months apart, to giant weight loss, to finding enormous reward as a stay-at-home mom, to discovering that you really can LOVE what you do for a living, and now the surgery that I will have in April to shed the skin and reshape the parts of my body that will never change, no matter how much I exercise – Spynga has been with me through it all. I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to Casey and Sari for opening not just a yoga and cycling studio, but a second home for me, my family, and so many women and men. A place where lives and bodies are literally transformed. My before and after pics are posted here so that you can all see that it really is possible. And it feels FANTASTIC!!
-Danielle Adler
DanielleBefore  DanielleAfter

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SpyngaCrowd: We want YOUR Design!

Spynga’s crowd is the source and we are going to the source! Over the next few months we are going to be asking you to get involved with spynga’s branding, class schedules, events, workshops, and services. You are the reason we do what we do and we want to go deep and tune into what you love! More heads are better than 2 and many of you have creative ideas to enhance our services. Here is your chance!

SpyngaCrowd, we want YOUR design for our next round of apparel that includes tees, tanks, hoodies, & sweats! Come up with one OUTSTANDING design; submit your artwork to in a jpeg format to be posted RIGHT HERE on our Truth Talk Blog and the Spynga community will vote! The winner will see their design in lights as well as on our spyngawear! The best part? Winner will receive 3 months of unlimited classes! Stand on your head to get those creative juices flowing and go! Submissions due on August 5th and winner will be announced in our September newsletter.spynga wear

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10 for 11


We are still on our New Year’s high and we are not sure it is the new butt-kicking Zone 8™classes or from the Spynga community that are riding and flowing every chance they can, but we are feeling groovy. So much so, that we thought we would offer up 10 things we are looking forward to in 2011. Isn’t that better than setting out all we have to resolve??


1.     Spynga’s Charity Initiatives. Since our little front desk Buddhas have become so uncomfortably full of delish loonies that are donated from yoga mat rentals, we have decided to spread their fortunes to 4 different charities this year. Yoga, on a whole, is a powerful contributor to social change, and that change on a large scale starts one person at a time.  We begin this journey with the New Leaf Foundation. The New Leaf Foundation brings yoga to youth who are incarcerated or considered “at-risk” due to a number of factors including low socio-economic status, difficulty in school, experiences of abuse and neglect, involvement with drugs, involvement with violence and crime, and marginalization. The New Leaf Foundation is dedicated to teaching life skills through the practices of yoga and meditation so that youth can cultivate a commitment to nonviolent, compassionate engagement with themselves and others.  Next up, Spynga will contribute to sustainable and environmental living in an urban centre.

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