bounce- no bounce

I think if Spynga has an unofficial motto, it would have to be ‚ÄúBounce/No Bounce!‚Äù¬†¬† For those yet to experience this particular cue during a cycling class, it refers to alternating between letting the body be loose and, well, bouncy for a length of time, and then, upon the ‚ÄúNo Bounce‚Äùcommand, tightening the core to slow the legs down and still the upper body.¬† It‚Äôs hard!¬† But the stillness feels pretty great after all that goofing around, just as the bouncing feels pretty joyful and delicious after that kind of discipline.¬† So it struck me recently — is it possible that Bounce/No Bounce provides us with a useful metaphor for the well-lived life?¬† Aren‚Äôt there many times in life when we tense everything up and try to control things when it would perhaps be wiser to let go and just bounce?¬† And what about those times when we know we need to hunker down and do some serious, committed hard work ‚Äì disciplined work that will feel great once we‚Äôre in it ‚Äì yet we‚Äôre flitting all over the place, procrastinating, prioritizing poorly, getting distracted.¬† Wouldn‚Äôt it be nice if Joanna called you those days and shouted, kindly yet firmly, ‚ÄúNo bounce!‚Äù¬† until you finally just got down to it?

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