A Teacher’s Insight on the Gift of Restorative Yoga

by, Charlene Yeh

Teaching Restorative Yoga is one of the most important gifts that we can give our students and ourselves. Slowing down and resting are acultural for our society, so encouraging others to rest and relax requires a deep personal commitment to exploring one’s own quiet practice. How can we hold space and create a safe environment in which others can let go, forget their worries, and rest deeply? Because being active and dynamic are usually deemed more important than quiet and passive states, as restorative yoga teachers, we must have our own inner experiences to share.

Convincing students that they need more rest and not another workout, requires a belief that there is much benefit to be gained through the restorative practice. Through balancing the nervous system, we regulate hormonal levels, decrease cortisol levels, gain better sleep and a clearer mind. The practice also helps to release tense muscles, relieve achy joints, and train the mind in transitioning from stress to calm.

In the Level Two Restorative training, we will focus on how to teach an effective class with expertise and sensitivity. Not only will we learn how to use props to support a student’s practice, but we will also begin to learn how to assess poses and “read” bodies. These are essential skills for any teacher. Lastly, as teachers, we will learn how to improve our own restorative practice, so that it truly nourishes us in the busiest of times. Come learn to take care of yourself so that you can take care of your students!

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