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We are still on our New Year’s high and we are not sure it is the new butt-kicking Zone 8™classes or from the Spynga community that are riding and flowing every chance they can, but we are feeling groovy. So much so, that we thought we would offer up 10 things we are looking forward to in 2011. Isn’t that better than setting out all we have to resolve??


1.     Spynga’s Charity Initiatives. Since our little front desk Buddhas have become so uncomfortably full of delish loonies that are donated from yoga mat rentals, we have decided to spread their fortunes to 4 different charities this year. Yoga, on a whole, is a powerful contributor to social change, and that change on a large scale starts one person at a time.  We begin this journey with the New Leaf Foundation. The New Leaf Foundation brings yoga to youth who are incarcerated or considered “at-risk” due to a number of factors including low socio-economic status, difficulty in school, experiences of abuse and neglect, involvement with drugs, involvement with violence and crime, and marginalization. The New Leaf Foundation is dedicated to teaching life skills through the practices of yoga and meditation so that youth can cultivate a commitment to nonviolent, compassionate engagement with themselves and others.  Next up, Spynga will contribute to sustainable and environmental living in an urban centre.

2.     Dare to Do 30 Challenges in February & May 2011. Challenge yourself to do 30 days of activity at Spynga Studios- it will change your life!

3.     New Innovative classes created by Spynga. As the Black Eyed Peas say “Don’t Stop this Party” and we never will! If you haven’t already tried, tested and LOVED our newest trademarked classes, Zone 8 Ride ™ & Zone 8 Cardio Sculpt™, jump on it. 8 minutes, 6 intervals and infinite results. More to come this Spring. In addition, the Spynga North clan can sweat with style with Coach J’s Freestyle Fit Circuit™ flow.

4.     Global Mala in April  to Celebrate Spynga South’s 4th Birthday

5.     Redesign of Spynga’s original 10 Day Detox. We are teaming up with nutritionists, coaches from Big Life Group, and more experts to cleanse thy body and mind like never before. As the snow melts, the master detox will emerge. Stay tuned.

6.     The Toronto Yoga Conference April 14-17, 2011. Catch mind blowing teacher trainings, workshops and classes with internationally renowned yoga teachers for one weekend! Our faves included Seane Corn, Rodney Yee, & anatomy guru, Leslie Kaminoff. Check it all out here!

7.     The softest things you have ever put on your body—-Spiritual Gangster Sweatshirts coming soon.

8.    Elevate To Exhale. You will have another opportunity to calm the chaos in our second annual, Elevate to Exhale Event where hundreds of yogis will come out for a FREE all day celebration of the solstice. Inspired by Mind Over Madness, a similar event held in Times Square, this yoga party will inspire the ultimate challenge, to seek calm in urban chaos.  Dates and Location to come!

9.     Spynga in the City: Singles Night. Mix cycling, yoga & singles. Stay tuned for dates.

10.  Teach Indoor Cycling & Yoga: Cycle Revolution Course in February & October 2011 and Yoga Alliance Certified 200 Hour Teacher Training course to begin in September 2011

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