How proficient in yoga and indoor cycling do you have to be to participate in trainings?

Yoga Trainings: For the 100 Hour & 225 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, we strongly recommend that applicants have at least one year of consistent asana practice. The training efforts concentrate on giving students teaching tools and techniques that extend beyond the yoga basics.  We accept students into the program with a solid foundation in the basic and fundamental yoga postures. If you are new to the Spynga community, you are required to do one of the program director’s classes so they can observe your practice and see that you understand the basics and have the ability to hear and respond to instructions.

How do I know if I am skilled enough to become a yoga or cycling teacher?

Only you can answer this question authentically. In our trainings, we do not teach you yoga or how to cycle. We teach you how to teach these modalities; break down postures, assist, adjust, set up, motivate, and how to be with your students. You will learn technical things too, like anatomy, cadence, and how to incorporate music effectively into your classes. You will also have the opportunity to find your own unique voice and style of teaching, through observing or philosophy. No doubt that your practice will advance, your form and endurance will improve in these trainings, but our focus is the teaching. If you have been cycling or practicing regularly for at least a year, have a basic understanding for positioning/postures, and believe yourself to be inspiring with much to share, then you a GREAT candidate.

Indoor Cycling Training: For the indoor cycling teacher training program, we suggest that you have at least 6 months of consistent indoor cycling experience.   If you are new to the spynga community, you are required to do one of the training facilitators’ class so they may examine your practice and form.

What is the process for applying to Spynga’s indoor cycling or yoga teacher training programs?

  1. Request an application from the program director of the training that you are interested in
  2. After you submit your completed indoor cycling or yoga teacher training application, you will be contacted by the program director with an offer for a placement in the program or you will receive direction for next steps.
    a. If you are new to the spynga community, you are required to take a class with one of your program directors so they can observe your practice. Program directors also may request an interview with a candidate to learn more about them and offer expectations of the program.
  3. Once you are accepted into your program of choice, you will be required to put down a deposit to reserve your spot in the program;

For any Yoga training program the amount is $500.00
For the indoor cycling training program the amount must be paid in full.

Are books and materials included in the price of the training programs?

Yoga Trainings: Spynga’s Yoga Teacher Training manual is included in the price of the training. Your textbooks are not and can be found online or in most local bookstores. Once you are accepted into  a yoga training program, you will receive the list of texts required.

Indoor Cycling Training: The cycle revolution manual is included in the price of the training, you will receive it on the first session of the program.

How many students are enrolled in each Teacher Training at one time?

Yoga Trainings: Currently, the most we will accept is 15 students max in a training program.  An important aspect of our training programs is to give feedback to the students in their practical teaching assignments and having an intimate group makes this wonderful part of the program possible.

Indoor Cycling Training:  Presently, we accept 12 students max in the teacher training.  Our trainings work best when there is a small group where more attention and feedback can be given throughout.

What if I miss a session or have a conflict with one of the training dates?

Yoga Trainings: To obtain your certificate of completion you must attend ALL intensive weekends to comply with Yoga Alliance requirements. Since we have various facilitators over each weekend, it makes it almost impossible to make up for lost contact hours.  We do realize that “life happens” and sometimes conflicts are not always foreseeable. In some circumstances, arrangements may be made or faculty members may be able to provide privates sessions at the student’s expense.  All considerations are made on a case by case basis.

Indoor Cycling Training: To receive your CRTT certificate, you must attend all 4 of the training dates.

What are the expectations of written assignments in the prospective trainings?

Yoga Trainings: All homework, reading, teaching, and home practice assignments are laid out for you on a weekly basis. The first half of the yoga trainings are more academically based so expect to spend between 4-5 hours per week on these assignments. All assignments support the material covered on the intensive weekends so knowledge can be integrated into your teaching and personal practice.  As the training programs progress in duration, there are more practical teaching assignments on the mat and you will spend less time in your books! Please note: you are required to complete and submit all assignments on their given due dates in order to receive your certificate.

Indoor Cycling Training: Teacher trainees are required to complete 10 practice hours during the course, along with a journal of their practice that is handed in on the day of the written exam.

What is the Yoga Alliance?

The Yoga Alliance is a recognized US governing body that was formed in 1999 as a way to create standards for yoga teachers and yoga teacher trainings programs.  Many yoga studios require their teachers to be Yoga Alliance certified either at the 200 or 500 hour level. Yoga Alliance registration, however, is not a legal requirement for teaching yoga. Currently there are no legal certification requirements to be a yoga teacher.

What is the ICTC?

The Indoor cycling trainers of Canada is a board of directors who consult on the teacher training manual and theory of the program.  The board meets twice annually to discuss the sections of the training and how to constantly evolve them based on the changing times of this wondrous cardio practice. The ICTC has thus far graduated 98 indoor cycling teachers, who teach all over Canada, the US and Europe.

Will I be qualified to teach yoga or indoor cycling once I complete the Teacher Training Programs?

Yes! With the successful completion of all the requirements of the program, you will receive your certificate of completion from the prospective program. You may also register with the Yoga Alliance (www.yogaalliance.org) at the RYT-200 level (at the student’s expense) when you complete the 225 Hour program.  We encourage you to teach anyone you can once certified in either cycling or yoga so you can keep the momentum going and gain experience! A good place to start is teaching friends, at gyms and corporately!

What if I start out with the 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program? Will I be considered Yoga Alliance Certified?

We designed the 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program for the opportunity for students who want to deepen their practices without committing to a 6 month program AND for any cycling teachers who have to desire to teach our trademarked class, SpyngaFlow.  You will not be able to apply to the Yoga Alliance as an RYT-200 level certified instructor until you complete another 100 hours with Spynga.

What if I want to teach at a Spynga Studio?

We at Spynga look for loyal, highly trained, accessible, GOOD people who hold themselves to high standard of living; being authentic and a commitment to their craft of teaching.  After you graduate from your training program, we encourage you to get out and teach for a little while before coming to demo for a Spynga Studio owner.  Once you demo, a studio will either offer you a regular class or an opportunity to be placed on their sub list. That is a great way to get on a class schedule!

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