Spin Open And Melt


With Ira Lindenberg from Brooklyn, NY’s SYNC STUDIO 
Phish's music is a non-stop, heart pounding, sonic assault on the senses. The energy at the their live shows palpitates from band to crowd in a synchronized chaos of sound and fury. This class harnesses that energy and calls on all who participate to share in the groove and set the resistance knob for the high gear of your souls. Like a raging night with Phish, you will leave this class invigorated. The trick is to surrender to the flow!
@spynga SOUTH
Date: Thursday, January 30th
Time: 8 – 9pm
Ticket: $25 + tax A portion of the proceeds will go to Phish's own charity, The Mockingbird Foundation, which provides funding to children's music programs in underfunded schools.
Space is limited! Sign up here!
Questions? email spynga@spynga.com or call 416-588-7796

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