kacey siskind

FAVOURITE YOGA POSE OR CYCLING POSITION:  Yoga = Pigeon (worst = crow or standing split in case you were wondering), love all the positions on the bike (and let’s be real – there aren’t that many to choose from)!
FAVOURITE SONG:  VERY difficult question.  If I must say just one - Southern Cross – Crosby Stills Nash and Young
FAVOURITE DISCOVERY:  Haagen Dazs Rocky Road Ice Cream
FAVOURITE PLACE IN THE WORLD: Big Sur California (or my bed at the end of a long day)
FAVOURITE CHARITY:  Sick Children’s Hospital
WHO INSPIRES YOU?  My family - each and every one of them – from my children (3 and 6) to my grandmother (91) and everyone in between
FAVOURITE SCENT:  My husband’s neck
PIVOTAL TRAINING OR TEACHER THAT HAS BROUGHT YOU TO THIS PLACE:  I never worked out a day in my life before coming to Spynga so I can honestly say that all the wonderful Spynga teachers (my own personal village) have been a huge driving force in getting me to this place – physically and emotionally. 
THE VOICE OF REASON IN YOUR LIFE: Too hard to choose – I use different voices for different reasons.  I am lucky enough to have the most incredible friends, family and husband – all of who bring truth and love with their reason.
A QUOTE THAT YOU LIVE BY:  Nurture and protect the Spirit within

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