amy levine

Cycling - Nothing like a heavy climb in 3rd!
Yoga - Good old downward dog.

FAVOURITE SONG:  Loving Ed Sheeran’s Castle on a Hill right now, but anything by Adam Levine is fine by me!

FAVOURITE PLACE IN THE WORLD: At home, in my PJs, with my family.

FAVOURITE CHARITY: The Dialogue Projects

WHO INSPIRES YOU?  My two little rug rats!  

COFFEE OR TEA?  Do you have to ask…. Coffee!
FAVOURITE SCENT: Fresh roasted Coffee

PIVOTAL TRAINING OR TEACHER THAT HAS BROUGHT YOU TO THIS PLACE: I would have to say my first ride 26 years ago in a small studio in Arizona. I was totally hooked after the first 15 minutes.

THE VOICE OF REASON IN YOUR LIFE: That would be my husband ( don’t tell him I said so).

A QUOTE THAT YOU LIVE BY: Always be yourself, Unless you can be a Unicorn, then always be a Unicorn.

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