amos adler

FAVOURITE YOGA POSE OR CYCLING POSITION:  Shivasana and tree pose. On the bike, climbing and attacking in 3rd
FAVOURITE SONG: that’s the hardest question in the world. That’s like saying what’s your favourite air?
FAVOURITE DISCOVERY: That I could be a spin instructor.
FAVOURITE PLACE IN THE WORLD: Aitutaki in Cook Islands or bed Sunday morning snuggling with the fam watching cartoons.
WHO INSPIRES YOU?   My mom, My wife Danielle, My kids, My late father, and people who push themselves beyond their limits.
COFFEE OR TEA? Wtf is tea?
FAVOURITE SCENT: Early summer mornings and a fresh construction site.
PIVOTAL TRAINING OR TEACHER THAT HAS BROUGHT YOU TO THIS PLACE: Been around the block so to speak and Spynga teaching style is really special, the training helped me in many aspects of my life.
THE VOICE OF REASON IN YOUR LIFE: What does that even mean? I find what seems to be clarity when I take care of my body and my mind.
A QUOTE THAT YOU LIVE BY:  Be serious about what you do but don’t take yourself too seriously! ~ Embrace the suck.

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