Training Pairings: What to eat after your favourite workout!

You exercise hard you, take care of your body but you are still stuck with what the heck to eat after your spin class, yoga class or strength training session. All that hard work won’t pay off if you just throw back a macchiato and an energy bar. This is not how you “get in shape”. Your results will only surface if you eat what your body actually needs and what it will thrive on after your workouts.

Fuel yourself with these nourishing pairings after your workout to help optimize your training.

Spin Class – You’re sweaty, you’re hungry and you are ready to take in some serious calories after pushing hard during your spin class.  Your body needs some much-needed electrolytes, protein, complex carbohydrates and good healthy fats. A smoothie is also the easiest way to absorb nutrients and minerals while your body is still coming down from it’s high. It’s also cool and refreshing.

Spynga green pear smoothie post spin class

Blend up a nourishing green smoothie with coconut water, a green apple, hemp seeds, avocado and a handful of greens such as spinach or kale.

Yoga Class – Depending on the type of your yoga practice, you may be zen’d out or you may be slightly energized. Either way, your body is in need of something sustaining and grounding. Your body requires food that is healing and easy to digest. This is where a balanced chia seed bowl would come in. This means you will soak some chia seeds (1/4 – ½ cup) in enough coconut milk to cover (do this before yoga, that way it has a chance to swell up and soak up some liquid to become full bowl.) Once it’s soaked and has doubled in size, you can add in honey, cinnamon, blueberries, walnuts and almond butter. You will never want to go back to oats! The best thing about chia seeds, in addition to being rich and healthy omega 3 fats, is that they are gluten free and grain free. So your tummy will do very well breaking them down. This also makes a great pre yoga or spin breakfast, as along as you have at least an hour or more to digest it.

Strength Training – After a power packed workout – your muscles are tired. They have worked hard pumping and pushing. So now it’s time to replenish with something hearty and satisfying. A new go-to to consider is a balanced macro bowl. This is a nourishing meal that has quinoa as the base, layered with tempeh or chickpeas, steamed spinach or kale and drizzled with some tahini. Add in a heaping tablespoon of sauerkraut for some gut healing fermented goodness.

Spynga strength workout meal quinoa squash kale

If you have time or if you have planned well in advance, I would definitely also suggest getting in some roasted or mashed sweet potatoes. You are getting good quality protein from the quinoa and beans, complex slow burning carbs from quinoa and chickpeas. You’ll be getting your vitamins and minerals from your green leafy veggies and healthy fat from tahini – not to mention bone building calcium.  This could be for lunch, dinner or even breakfast. Who said that breakfast couldn’t be savoury?

Take on some of these post workout pairings to see how you recover from your training. You will find that you not only satisfy your hunger after a workout, but you will also be providing your body with the nourishment it needs to go at it again the next day!

Marni Wasserman spynga healthy eating nutrition

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