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I’m a 36 year old man that has struggled for years to lose a 30 pound beer gut that was obtained in my wilder days. Two years ago I started working with an amazing nutritionist named Daniella Wolf, who helped me realize that the combination of a sensible, balanced diet and exercise really does work to melt the pounds off. I quickly dropped 20 pounds with diet alone. Daniella continued to push exercise, and I started and stopped at a regular gym so many times I stopped counting. Finally Daniella told me of an amazing spin instructor at Spygna named Danielle Adler. She challenged me to try out a class.

In April 2012, I entered Spygna North with trepidation and butterflies in my stomach, knowing that the last time I tried spinning, I nearly lost my lunch. Danielle was very helpful setting up the bike for my height and size, and made sure to check in regularly during class to see how I was doing and correct my form. As Danielle took the class through the paces, I gradually started to figure out the positions and the form. I definitely couldn’t do everything she asked, but fell in love with sprinting to the pounding beat of the latest pop song. I exited the class that night feeling sore, but exhilarated.

After a few more starts and stops, I eventually fell into a rhythm of going to 2 to 3 classes per week. After a month, the butterflies in the stomach disappeared. After two months, those stubborn last 10 pounds I wanted to lose started to disappear also. After three, I started to be able to do everything the instructor asked. Now, after 9 months of amazing classes run by over 10 different instructors with very eclectic tastes in music and very different exercises that keep me interested and coming back, I’m happy to say I’ve lost the stubborn last 10 pounds. Can high school weight be the next goal? Who knows? All I know is that the combination of diet and Spygna has changed my life and I’m more confident then ever before that I’ll never be out of shape again. If you’re thinking of trying out a spin class I highly encourage you to think about Syngna. The instructors clearly love what they do, and inspire confidence and hard work in their pupils through their attitude, variety and dedication.

A huge thank you to Daniella, Danielle, Miriam, Nara, Amos, Joanna, Casey, Toni, Roy, Elizabeth and all the rest of the Spygna crew. Without you, I’d be on the couch watching football and feeling like crap. Instead, I’m on the couch watching football feeling amazing after a morning spin with Nara at Spygna North.

Patrick M

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