My Breast Cancer Journey

Spynga Toronto my breast cancer story part i

Diane has been committed to her weekly workouts at Spynga during her chemotherapy treatments. Diane finished her treatments in April 2016

Part I

I was in the best shape of my life when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had spent the previous two years getting “fit for 40”. My plan was to spin, sculpt and sweat my way into the next decade. My birthday came and I never felt better. I had achieved my goal! I was fit at 40!

However, a few months later my world would be turned upside down when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. At my annual physical my doctor found a lump and a biopsy was done the next day. Five days later I received my diagnosis and I was in complete shock. I was scheduled for surgery and was told that I would be undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments. I couldn’t understand how a fit person that has a healthy diet and feels great can be diagnosed with breast cancer. My oncologist told me that because I was younger than the average patient and because I was physically fit I would have an easier recovery.
I would soon come to realize that achieving my “fit for 40” goal would mean much more than looking good in a pair of skinny jeans. Being fit provided me with the foundation for a quick recovery from major surgery and the ability to tolerate months of cancer treatments.

Little did I know that when I joined the Spynga community in my quest for a healthier me, I would be preparing myself for the biggest fight of my life. Because I was physically fit, I was able to quickly bounce back from surgery, taking minimum pain medication – I went to a spin class two weeks after my surgery! When I began chemotherapy and radiation, I was able to tolerate it well and maintained my fitness schedule, coming to Spynga several times per week. Being able to continue my classes during my treatments gave me a sense of control over my body at a time when so many aspects of my life were out of my control.

Now that my treatments are over, I am reflecting on what I have gone through over the past nine months. I am thankful that a decision I made two years ago to join the Spynga community has helped me fight the battle of my life.

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