It’s So Much More Than Teacher Training

I was a slightly overwhelmed mama of four, running a summer camp with my husband and struggling to find any sense of balance and connection with myself. I was finding some peace, adventure and strength on my mat at Spynga.  So when the dates for the spring intensive Yoga Teacher Training were released, I had to find a way. It was no small feat to manage a 225-hour commitment, but thankfully I was supported by my husband (who managed our family and business not to mention made my lunches complete with love notes of encouragement), my family, and the community at Spynga that had so quickly become a second home. The program itself was a hands-on experience, rich in content with brilliant teachers. But it was so much more than that…

Community is becoming more and more inauthentic as we “connect” through social media instead of real experiences. I see evidence of this as a camp professional, mom, and normal person in 2017 who spends time catching up on what my “friends” are up to on Facebook and who’s cooking what on Instagram. But I believe we need real community in our lives to thrive, to experience life, to get through sh!t. I am blessed to be a member of many real communities; my family, camp, kids’ school, and I am so grateful to be able to add Spynga (and as a result, the Toronto Yoga community!) to this list. This is a community that values coming together, growth and taking time to connect/unite/YOGA. Not to mention that the yogis I have the pleasure of practicing with are fiercely strong – the kind of strong that one might need to have one’s back.

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Self-discovery sounds so cliché, but it’s what tends to happen on the mat. For me, the timing was no accident. My youngest was 2, the previous summer at camp was the first in 8 years that I was not pregnant or nursing, and I was just starting to come out of the haze. I was ready to begin to explore myself outside of diapers, pureed sweet potato and cute babies. Yoga Teacher Training was an introduction to another side of myself. A place where I got excited to read about philosophy and anatomy. Inspired by creating playlists, I started to listen to music again and in a different way. I found confidence and a voice that started to come through in other parts of my life; as a parent, camp mom and within my relationships. It’s a beautiful gift to know oneself and to learn how to study oneself; Svadyaya.

Opportunity to create and contribute to the development of Spynga Goes to Camp which later led me to my passion project: The Yoga Weekend ( Working closely with my teacher and friend, Sari Nisker-Fox, to create a unique experience that brings community together at camp for a weekend is a such a beautiful and fulfilling way for me to give back. The support and enthusiasm that I have received already is overwhelming.

Gratitude to the leaders and teachers at Spynga (Casey Soer, Sari Nisker-Fox, Tracey Soghrati, Lisa Barkin and so many more) for this beautiful community, my self-practice and the opportunity to feel fulfilled and give back. YTT at Spynga gave me so much more than a certificate, but the real beauty is that it keeps on giving.

I feel honoured to share my practice on Wednesdays at 1:30 so if you are “coming out of the haze” or just looking for a good sweat set to music I love, then #meetmeonthemat @spynga and @theyogaweekend in September (use discount code: SPYNGA2017 for $50 off your ticket) #yogaeverydamnday #yogaweekendwarriors #loveteachingyoga #grateful

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