Balance and Boogie: Kids Finding their Groove in Yoga


by Ya’ara Saks

Kids live in a world with parents who are constantly plugged in, hurrying from work to playdate to homework and stressed out. Funnily enough we don’t realize that as overscheduled as we are – they are too. As adults we come to the mat to destress, let go and find balance – they reap the benefits when we come home calm and clear – why shouldn’t they have the opportunity to model us and have that time too?

Yoga for kids is the perfect antidote to all that we pile on our kids from school to sports and more.  Yoga gives them the tools of a balanced healthy outlook and strong positive connection with themselves. Already at a young age and into their teens, children often feel pressure at school academically and socially.  With the added pressure if they are involved in competitive organized sports, it’s easy for kids to become overly self-critical, and lose confidence as they grow and develop. Yoga is the chance to find the opposite – a nourishing space where there is no judgment and no need to be the “winner” or place a perfect pose.

Kids yoga gives them the place to breath, balance and boogie to their inner yogi. Here’s are my top ten reasons why kids should be encouraged to find their inner groove.

  1. Yoga lets kids unwind relax and calm themselves
  2. Yoga reduces stress in kids
  3. Yoga helps kids improve concentration, coordination and balance
  4. Yoga promotes a healthy active lifestyle in kids
  5. Yoga helps kids sleep better by releasing day-to-day anxieties
  6. Yoga helps improve their gross and find motor skills
  7. Yoga offers a space for children to express their emotional state of mind in a safe physical way
  8. Yoga increases their strength and flexibility
  9. Yoga develops their sense of self-expression and self-confidence
  10. Yoga helps a child increase their body awareness


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