confessions of a spynga mom


Becoming a mom for the first time…Wow! What a scary, exhilarating, exciting time! For Spynga instructor extraordinaire, Candice Stein, being pregnant for the first time felt like walking headlong into the unknown. Since the arrival of her beautiful baby boy, Jackson, she couldn’t be happier. “It totally rocks! It’s like having your best friend attached to you all the time!”
So far motherhood has taught her the value of putting someone else before her at all times, a lesson she began to learn taking care of her two dogs, that has hit home tenfold since Jackson was born. “Motherhood also teaches you to let go,” she explains. “I could be up with him in the middle of the night, feeling so upset, but the next morning it’s like that was years ago. You just move on so much more easily.”

As positive an experience as it’s been, Candice admits being a new mom can be lonely, too. That’s where Spynga comes in!
“I found out I was pregnant the day I finished my yoga teacher training,” she says. “I was able to continue teaching cycling classes throughout my pregnancy, and took advantage of Tiffany’s awesome prenatal yoga classes.”

A real highlight of her pregnancy was participating in Spynga’s first ever Prenatal Plus group, a comprehensive six-week prenatal workshop delivered by experts in everything from prenatal nutrition to breastfeeding, all hand-picked by Spynga owner and mom, Casey Soer.
“The group was amazing!” Candice says. “Every session was informative and applicable, no cheesiness, and I made truly lasting friendships. We really went through the experience together.”

Since Jackson was born, Candice has been hitting the spinning bike hard, participating in Mama and Babe Circuit Cycle Flow, and teaching the Mama and Babe Spynga Flow. “It’s great to have a welcoming, community-oriented space where you can do something for yourself and still involve and incorporate your baby. My favourite thing about Spynga is it provides a space to really integrate all the different compartments of my life. Everything on offer here provided me with an easy transition through a crazy unknown time in my life.”

Expecting yourself? Sign up today for the upcoming Prenatal Plus group, starting March 15th or check out our full range of Mama & Babe and prenatal classes on our schedule!

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