Band It! Change Your Body! Change Your Life!

ladywithbandsBy:  Tanya Carinci


Its 6 AM, the alarm clock rings and the snooze button is oh so tempting…but the morning grind must begin and with it, the daily checklist: Kid’s Breakfast. Check. Make Sandwiches. Check. Pack Backpacks. Check.  The list goes on….


But where does “ME” time and exercise fit into this equation?


As a mom of three kids (all under the age of 7), I know what it’s like to multi-task and the importance of being efficient.  I need to squeeze in as many things as I can in a short period of time.  Exercising is one of them.


For me, nothing beats the benefits of an indoor cycling class for a high intensity workout. More importantly, there is no better way to enjoy cycling’s benefits than being in a fun and supportive group setting, led by energetic instructors, with motivating music to push you to your max.


Whether you are just starting an exercise regimen or you are an advanced fitness enthusiast, a cycleBands class gives you the cardio fix & and an opportunity to sculpt your upper body muscles and ultimately muscle burns more calories. If you are looking to shake up and reinvigorate your workout routine, give this a go! 


This combination of indoor cycling with the use of resistance bands, targeting specifically your shoulders, back, and arms,  providing you with a total body conditioning opportunity that few classes provide. My need and love for multitasking in daily life makes this work with resistance bands on a bike, a wonderful workout strategy for me.  While utilizing the resistance bands, your body demands that you use your glutes, core and legs in order balance, all the while strengthening them. 


Other benefits that I believe and have experienced include;

A Stronger You: Resistance training is second-to-none for building bones

More Calories Burned: The calorie-burning payback of even the shortest resistance training sessions continue long after you’ve finished your workout.

A More Flexible You: As your muscles shorten over time, flexibility is the first thing to go. Using resistance bands allows the muscles to work through a full range of motion which will keep you limber.

Strengthen Your Heart: Regular resistance training strengthens your most important muscle—the heart—and improves the health of your entire cardiovascular system.


What are you waiting for? Just Band it!

This is an ideal class for those who want to see more rapid results with limited time and a busy schedule; I promise….you won’t want to hit that snooze button!

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